Brown Leather Trinity Bracelet


This is a simple design that makes a bold statement.  Each bracelet is hand cut.  The strip of leather has a slight tapper from one end to the other.  They are designed to wrap around your wrist three times and close with a simple knot and loop system. The Trinity bracelet can be worn with any outfit whether casual or sophisticated.

Product Description


There are countless types of leather could use for our products but we feel there is only one that is right.  We use full grain leather that is tanned right here in the United States.  Full grain leather is some of the toughest leather available.  Full grain leather is the top layer of the cow hide while other layers (top grain, genuine leather, swede, etc.) are all lower levels from the hide.  This means our leather maintains all it character (brands, texture, color, and scaring) and it’s strength.


We also buy our leather locally here in Albuquerque, NM from R.L. Cox Leather and Fur…from Mike and Ellen.  They have been buying and selling leather longer than most of us have been alive.  They only sell the highest quality leather that has been tanned right here in the U.S. of A.


We use 6 oz leather.  That is thicker than the leather on most pairs of shoes.  This means it won’t wear or crack easily.  It will also start to conform and develop it’s own character over time.

Additional information
Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 26 x .25 x .25 in
Leather Color



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Size Chart

Each bracelet is slightly different in length.  We ship them without the knot being tide.  This way you can make it just the right size for your wrist.  Simply wrap it around your wrist three times, put the end through the hole, and then mark the length.  You can then tie the knot at your mark for the perfect length.  We recommend triple checking the length before you cut off any excess leather.